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Times are changing at a rapid pace, also in the real estate world. In recent years – especially since the emergence of the coronavirus – we have seen an increasing interest in virtual tours of properties. Curious about what this form of visit entails and how we approach it? Read it here.

What are virtual tours?

A virtual tour of is a video in which a property is walked through from room to room. At The Housing Company we work with a compact, mobile camera that films very stably and at high quality. This way we walk through homes from start to finish, with a qualitative video as a result.

This video is then edited, adding The Housing Company logo, some music and smooth transitions for an optimal viewing experience. After this, the video is added to the publication on our website and in some cases, shared via our social media channels.

Potential buyers and tenants looking for a property can view the virtual tour of a property and decide if they would like to visit it physically.

Benefits for everyone

This innovative way of working offers many advantages.
For buyers and tenants, but also the proprietors and us, as a real estate agent.


Interested parties know what to expect in advance. As a result, people who are not really interested are filtered out and visits can be organised efficiently.

High-quality images

During a virtual tour, a property is recorded as a high-quality video. The video comes across as professional and may attract more visitors than a building with only photos.

Complete presentation

By presenting your property by means of a video, you get the chance to visualise all aspects of the property. This way you are not dependent on static pictures that give you rather limited images.

Our virtual tours

In the past, we have created virtual tours of many homes. Curious what they look like? Here’s three examples:

Sell or rent out your property

Do you own a property that you’d like to sell or rent out in an efficient way, by means of a virtual tour? Then be sure to contact us to discuss a collaboration.

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