Selling a house or a building plot is something you only experience once or a few times in your life. If you have little experience with it yourself, it is a good idea to call in a real estate agent with necessary expertise. This way you avoid unexpected discussions and costs.

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Sell your property without worries

Our team has the knowledge and skills needed to sell your property as smoothly as possible. We are dedicated to looking for a buyer that best matches your expectations.

No experience in selling a property? Don’t worry, we will guide you through the entire process. Find out more about our approach below.

Our approach

Over the years, we have worked hard to fine-tune our approach. This is what it looks like:

1. Meeting the owner

During our first meeting we will discuss your expectations and wishes for the sale of your property.

2. Preparation of the dossier

We compile a dossier of your property and request the necessary documents and certificates from various authorities.

3. Publication of the property

We take pictures and possibly create a virtual tour (video) of your property and publish it on our website and other advertising channels.

4. Scheduling of visits

On request we invite interested candidates for a guided tour of the property.

5. Assessment of candidate

When a potential buyer is found, we take a close look at his or her financial situation.

6. Mortgage

We guide the potential buyer in setting out the most suitable financing plan.

7. Drawing up the sales agreement

The sales agreement will be drawn up with the necessary expertise and efficiency.

8. Finalising the sale

We introduce the buyer to the notary, after which an authentic deed is drawn up.

Efficient selling or renting out: virtual tours

At The Housing Company, we fully leverage our experience and expertise to optimise the postition of our clients’ properties in the market. And also when it comes to technology.

One of the ways we do this is by creating virtual tours of the properties we sell. Are you curious about what these virtual tours entail and why they are an added value for you? Find out now!

More about virtual tours

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“Thanks to the excellent services of The Housing Company, our house was sold in 17 calendar days at the asking price. All promises made were fully honoured. We are very satisfied with this efficient sale.”

Op de Beeck, owner in Mechelen