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Investing in real estate: why is it so interesting?

20 May 22
2 min. leestijd

Is your money collecting dust in your savings account? What a shame! Make your savings profitable by investing in real estate. Discover in this article advantages in this form of investment, today and for the future. 

The value of real estate remains stable (or appreciates) 

Unlike publicly traded equity investments, real estate retains its value. In recent years, we have even seen an increase in the value of real estate. Any property you purchase now may increase up to 3% or more in value in the mid-long term. In one way or another, you can expect to make a profit. 

A fixed monthly income 

Although a purchase of a property is a big investment, you will quickly benefit from that investment if you rent out the property. Given that a tenant pays a fixed monthly rental payment, the money can be used to pay off your mortgage. 

Once the mortgage is repaid, you will not have any more expenses and the rental income becomes an additional income over and above your standard income. 

Carefree retirement 

Of course this fixed monthly income is also very interesting at a later stage in life. When you rent out one or more properties, you continue to have an income, even after your working days are over. 

Many people have to settle for a small pension. As an investor, on the other hand, you can live a carefree life. 

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