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Asbestos certificate required when selling home as of 23 November 2022

11 November 22
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Are you planning to sell your property soon? Then include an asbestos certificate on your checklist. From 23rd of November 2022 onwards, this will be compulsory for any sale of a property built before 2001. Find out more about this new legislation here.


What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that – especially before 2001 – was found in certain building materials. When inhaled, this substance can cause serious lung diseases. The substance is now banned but can still occur in older buildings. It is therefore important to check whether asbestos-containing materials are present and how much risk they pose.


Requirement of asbestos certificate when selling a property

From 23rd of November 2022 onwards, a new rule will go into effect requiring sellers to present an asbestos certificate to the buyer. This rule applies to any property built before 2001. Specifically, this means that the attestation must be handed over for any property whose sales agreement is signed from 23rd of November onwards.

The attestation constitutes proof of the asbestos safety of your property.


Obtaining an asbestos certificate

To receive the attestation, a thorough inspection of asbestos-containing materials must be carried out. This is done by an ‘asbestos inventory expert’.

During the inspection, the expert performs a thorough analysis of potentially asbestos-containing materials. In doing so, he assesses the condition and risk of the materials in question. If there are materials that have an increased risk, he will advise on which parts are best to be removed and in what way this should be done.

After the inspection, all data are entered into a digital database and OVAM will issue a certificate that will delivered to you by the expert. 

So, are you planning to sell a property that was built before 2001? Then contact an asbestos inventory expert as soon as possible.


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