We strive to achieve a smooth transaction with the best possible result for both our client and the candidate purchaser(s). Through professional guidance and mediation and with as little headaches as possible.

First of all, a complete file is drafted, with detailed description and plans for each of our properties. This is delivered to every interested client through all possible means of communications. Our complete offer can be freely consulted by potential buyers or tenants on our daily-updated website, various commercial sites on the internet and other publications.


The Housing Company has a 7-step action plan to sell your home in a smooth way.

  1. Publication on our own busy and daily-adapted internet site.
  2. The presence on key real estate websites and spreading of information through a dense network in the real estate market.
  3. Flexible visits by friendly staff.
  4. Intense cooperation with an accurate exchange system between Immoview offices.
  5. Permanently informing and communicating with potential customers by mail, phone or postal mail.
  6. Targeted marketing actions and communication to specific target groups.
  7. A discreet and personal treatment of your file.

Legislation is constantly being followed. The client remains closely involved.
In short, a service tailored to your specific needs.

The Housing Company Philosophy

Sell ​​wisely. With the Immoview-action plan.
Probably you do not sell a property every day. Not a simple assignment. Therefore you might consider seeking professional help. But can you really expect add value by engaging a professional? Or does he only collect his commission?

Perhaps you have tried to sell your property yourself.
If so, then you know exactly where the difficulties reside.

Determination and setting the right price is not easy.
Selling is a highly specialised job.
Showing the property and managing the process can take a lot of your time.

The Housing Company offers you the solution to those problems.
We determine a realistic price. Based on extensive knowledge of the market and respect for your needs.
Commercially we go a lot further than most notaries: with your interests at the forefront. The Housing Company builds a sales plan according your needs and presents your property through its Immoview-network. On different websites, in papers and displays.
We convince your purchaser during the visits of the property with a strong sales story.

Would you like to sell your property without complications? And obtain the best price?
Contact The Housing Company

Sell and rent at the right price

If you wish to sell or rent your property, we will provide you, after a visit on your request, an indicating on the sales / rental value. Based on a solid calculation (based on numerous parameters and years of experience), we provide you with a professional evaluation of your property in the real estate market.


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