Property management

Renting out a house or an apartment causes some concerns. You need to look for a tenant who will respect your property and pays the rent in time. You need to draft a leasing contract. The Housing Company is your partner.

What can The Housing Company realtor do for you?

  • Renting and re-renting with a management agreement at reduced commission rates
  • Follow-up of rental your rental file with a logbook
  • Organization of in and outgoing surveys
  • Organization of an insurance cover for possible legal assistance
  • Managing rental payments
  • Requesting pricings and organizing all necessary repairs
  • Third-party assignments
  • All communication and necessary intervention between proprietors and tenants
  • Automatic indexing procedure
  • Consultation on legislation

Would you like to rent out a house or an apartment the easy way?
And without complications?

Contact The Housing Company

Sell and rent at the right price

If you wish to sell or rent your property, we will provide you, after a visit on your request, an indicating on the sales / rental value. Based on a solid calculation (based on numerous parameters and years of experience), we provide you with a professional evaluation of your property in the real estate market.


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