Purchasing a property remains an important decision in your life. Therefore, make sure you are well prepared. The Housing Company helps you with this.

Do you know what exactly you buying? How are you sure that you do not overlook anything?

* Can you renovate the house later?
* Is there VAT to be paid on the purchase price?
* Is the soil not polluted?
* What are the total purchase costs?
* Are there any financial charges on your ground plot?
* ...

Purchase with prior knowledge

The Housing Company broker offers security. He has an answer to all your questions. He is your personal adviser. For this, he is profoundly trained and certified.

Buying your house with the help of a The Housing Company broker is an investment that instantly give you a return. Because The Housing Company agent works for you completely committed. He is actively researching with you. With the Immoview action plan you will soon find your new home, you will be aware of all the necessary information and you will still have some free time to spend.

And search with a broker who thinks along with you ...

  1. The entire Immoview network is researching for you. Our unique search system contains more useful information about properties than any other system.
  2. The Housing Company broker is strictly controlled by the BIV and INV standards. This way you know that what you purchase, contains no hidden complications.

Are you planning to purchase a property?
And investing with prior knowledge of business?
Contact The Housing Company

Sell and rent at the right price

If you wish to sell or rent your property, we will provide you, after a visit on your request, an indicating on the sales / rental value. Based on a solid calculation (based on numerous parameters and years of experience), we provide you with a professional evaluation of your property in the real estate market.


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